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Igor Kheifets
Assistant Professor
HSE University

Econometrics, Macroeconometrics and Financial Econometrics.

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Unpublished work
  1. Igor Kheifets & Peter Phillips, "Fully Modified Least Square for Multicointegrated Systems." Cowles Foundation Discussion Paper No. 2210, In media: svoi5kopeek (in Russian)
  2. Igor Kheifets & Peter Phillips, "Reduced Rank Regression under weak dependence."
  3. Peter Phillips & Igor Kheifets, "On Multicointegration."
  4. Carlos Velasco & Igor Kheifets, "Model evaluation of the Fed monetary rules."
  1. Igor Kheifets & Pentti Saikkonen, 2020. "Stationarity and ergodicity of vector STAR models," Econometric Reviews 39, 407-414. DOI, pdf(arXiv)
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  6. Igor Kheifets, 2011. "Goodness-of-fit testing," Quantile 9, 25-34, July (in Russian). pdf(Quantile)


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